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The Little Forks Conservancy

  Endowment Fund
To provide a mechanism to protect our area's natural and cultural resources. The organization's primary goals would be to: 1) protect river corridors, I.e. reduce erosion, preserve scenic views, preserve and improve water quality, 2) protect fragile areas, e.g. bogs, wildflowers, wet-sand prairies and other habitats, 3) conduct inventory of plants, animals and ecosystems in Midland County, 4) protect historical sites and buildings, 5) protect additional scenic areas which are not along river corridors, 6) develop self-sufficiency (receive funding from membership, land owners, business and industry) and be perceived as a strong, viable component of the community, and 7) create strong partnerships with other agencies which deal with land and resources.

105 Post Street
Midland, MI 48640

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