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Project 111

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Project 111 is rethinking the way adults approach teens and safe driving. The mission of Project 111 is to give incentives to teens that make good choices behind the wheel and to educate them on safe driving habits. By partnering with local high schools and law enforcement, Project 111 is designed to reward high school seniors for practicing safe driving habits and making good life choices. The approach of giving incentives, instead of consequences, is drawing strong praise from students, parents and community leaders. The implementation of Project 111 is simple and effective. At the beginning of the school year, at the partnering high school, each senior is entered into the Project 111 program. If the student stays traffic ticket free, and stays in good standing with both school and within their community, then the teen becomes eligible to receive a randomly drawn monthly prize. Current prizes include iPads and $50 gift cards. At the end of their senior year, if the student still meets the requirements of Project 111 then they become eligible to receive one, randomly selected $1,000 scholarship. To date, Project 111 has awarded 56 iPads, 144 $50 gift cards, and $7,000 in scholarships Since its inception in 2014. Project 111 has active programs within Midland High School, Dow High School and Coleman Community Schools. With successful programs at these schools Project 111 is quickly becoming known as "The Safe Driving Movement" across Michigan.

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